where Angels are found – part 3

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  Continuing on after the cleaning and drying follows the selection process. Sometimes specific commissions are asked for and the exact piece of wood needs to be matched to the intention. I feel energies coming from the pieces when I hold, touch and caress them. That is how I choose pieces for commission work, this […]

where Angels are found – part 2

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After collecting all the beautiful pieces of potential They undergo thorough cleaning (yes there is lots of waterblasting, scrubbing etc.involved) Then they are left to dry. Sometimes outside, spread out in the sun when the weather is nice. Sometimes stacked upright in the tub 😁

Gathering Angels

where Angels are found – part 1

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With images, words and links I’ll share the process to the Angels I create. From where they are found and how they come to you to guard your special spaces. Step 1 is where it all starts: on the beaches of our beautiful Bay of Plenty…. and Mother Earth only knows where the individual pieces […]