Grow Love


“Grow Love” measures 70cm tall x 11cm x 7cm

This sweet Angel is ALL about LOVE πŸ’–

Because of course, Love is all we need when it really comes down to it.

Love for each other, love for nature and love for ourselves.


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“Grow Love” is a darling natural Angel with an abundance of Love and compassion.

Everything about her speaks of Love.

Kept simple in her colorways all attention is drawn to the hearts in the field below her feet and the shining heart she carefully holds on the string between her hands.

This piece measures 70 x 11 x 7 cm

(Please note that the colors in the photos may vary depending on the computer screen display etc. Generally the feedback is that these Angels as so much better in real life than how we are able to show them virtually)

Dimensions 75 × 15 × 10 cm


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