Double Twist

The Angel with the Double Twist  /Pikorua

She is wearing my necklace! The Double Twist has a beautiful meaning here in New Zealand.

The word ‘twist' translates to ‘pikorua’ in Maori.

The new age understanding of the pounamu twist design is that it symbolizes the bond between two people, whether founded in friendship, love, or blood. It connects the spirits of friends, family and lovers, bringing them closer together across space and time. It’s said to represent their life path. Like the continuous shape of the greenstone twist, life for both individuals will continue despite many unexpected twists and turns, inevitably bringing them together again as it travels full circle. Its design comes from the piko piko fern whose fronds curl around one another in our native bushscapes. It also resembles the path of life and eternity. They are a perfect gift among lovers, family, friends, and even in situations where a loved one has passed.

Her measurements are: 49 x 8 x 4 cm approx

She has been adopted – Thank you

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DriftAngel Pikorua

This lovely Angel has been adopted – Thank you


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