Welcome to the place where drifted Angels dwell

– The story behind this work explains the energetic connections between the natural, spiritual and emotional worlds –

to receive your Angel notes

It all starts with the first book by a New Zealand author that I ever read before emigrating to this beautiful country.
An Angel at my table” by Janet Frame was recommended to me by one of my friends and truly is a recommended read.
The title stayed lingering in my mind. Some years later, after having called this country on the opposite side of the globe “home”,
I found myself on a beach wandering deep in thoughts and kicking the sand out in front of my bare feet. This was a very uncertain time in both my personal and artistic life. I had just moved to the North Island after a series of devastating earthquakes that took away much of what we had in so very many ways.  And even though I'd taken this leap of faith to move and being in this beautiful and safer place, I felt totally lost and insecure.

The kids were playing in the surf and my guy was resting a bit. Enjoying the sounds of the surf while watching them.
It was a sunny afternoon of relaxation, yet my mind was far from relaxed (I can be a bit of a thinker) so, I started walking along the surf-line wondering about the deeper meaning of life and where to go from here. How to find a way to start believing and trusting again? What could possibly lift my spirit up, so that I could find the courage to rise up and start again? To build up something new, some kind of safety for our small family. You know….the Universe always listens, I realize this now.

The flotsam thrown freely onto the beaches by the wild waves became my treasure. I found hope and inspiration on that beach that day. Suddenly seeing Angels appear from the pieces of driftwood that I came across, picking them up and feeling the energies surge through my body. Energies they carried from unknown and faraway places. Old, ancient, wise energies. I felt excited and energized by them and took a few home…..

and so my  adventure with the Angels started and I found “‘Angels at my (work) table” myself. school play Ever since a young girl, I have had some kind of connection with Angels. Always vehemently believed that we all had our own Guardian Angel with us at all times. At primary school I was the main Angel in the Christmas school-play (of course, because I had the longest blond hair, we all saw that coming) I also had a deep rooted feeling that there is more in our universe and that we can find more within ourselves.

So, long story short: Now I receive Angelic messages in pieces of nature, gifted to me by the ocean, the waves, the flow of the waters of Mother Earth. I love having this “drifted” wood art on my workbench to connect with and work with. And by translating the message these pieces hold, I can share these vibes and energies with you.

Gathering AngelsAll driftwood Angels are pulled from carefully, hand-selected local driftwood pieces. There is a whole ritual to the work. Firstly they are gathered, then cleaned, dried and prepped. Then I continue the conversation with each piece. They all have their story to share. They guide me as I feel and pull the image from the shadows and cracks within the wood with my special woodburning tool. They are then painted with acrylic washes, gouache and watercolor paints and finally varnished. All come with a brass hanger on the back, ready to be placed in your favorite spot to guard you, your special place and your loved ones. Spreading their divine energy.

Honored to support reforestation with @onetreeplanted as part of our commitment to sustainability.

For each Angel you choose to adopt, we help plant trees, so that there will always be another piece of driftwood too.