commissions and new Angels on the way

It has been a while since I shared about the Angels and what is on my table, I know and I am sorry about it. My intentions for this space is to share more often, because I think the world needs more Angels.

The simple reason? A couple of special commissions and sourcing and preparing new pieces of wood for future works. Because these Angels are all individually crafted with care, they do take time. I need to feel their energy and build a connection prior to working on the piece, that is also what makes them extra special of course. Connections are so precious and exchange of energies are experiences in their own right.


At the moment I am working on some new Angels for open adoption. Oh, they fill my heart when I am working on them! Their energy seems to travel from the wood to me and back, it is a feeling that is hard to describe, but I try to any way, it shows like an infinity symbol in my mind. And I always believe that the people that adopt the Angels feel this as well. It all must be part of the circle of life somehow. Yes, I do have questions that pop up and yes I am on a continuous quest to find answers. In the mean time I allow myself to go with the flow. Which looks a little like this: The driftwood pulls me in. I accept, honour it and look after it until the Angel that is within calls to be revealed. I help it emerge and when I have done my “thing” it moves to the place it is destined for. After all, they are Guardians. They hold space, offer healing, comfort and so much more.



When I first made contact with these Angels, I was a little unsure what it meant and what to expect. I basically just went with the whole thing, because everything in my life had been turned upside down and literally was shaken to the core by the earthquake experiences. It seemed safe to be guided by another force of nature. This one coming from the earth’s waters. I always loved the ocean and coastal places. Perhaps because of the place I was born and grew up in, who knows. Always loved swimming, snorkling and later also scuba diving. The underwater world bubbled up magical feelings in me and awe for the oceans, the coasts and beaches. Always strolling along the surf, wandering, beachcombing in deep thoughts and wondering about the wealth of life and treasures the seven seas hold and provide us with – if we open our eyes, minds and our hearts.



Well, this is a little how my love for all things Nature and Mother Earth connects me to this planet. It may sound a little hap-hazzard like still. I am forever looking for the best ways and words to describe what it is that I feel. I am but an accidental writer and poet-in-progress. Which is also why I try to express these feelings and connections in the works I create. You may get it now or you might in another piece I write? I trust that when you understand what I mean, the connection is strong and we are connected through and within the circle.

For now, I am off to touch some driftwood, waiting to be taken on another adventure, because that is what working on these pieces really means to me: Adventures, exciting opportunities to learn, grow within myself and receive answers and guidance to what is the next step on my journey. I look forward to seeing who I will be crossing paths with next <3

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